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As well as posting here, about mainly food, I’ve got other posts, mainly about sport, in other (mainly just the one) corners of the internet. So here’s a index of them:


Tech Spec – Flow rate gate – Projecting what might have happened had Red Bull played by the rules – Apr ’14
Statistically speaking – Rating drivers in 2013, based on the numbers – Dec ’13
There is method in the madness – Underlying methodology and analytics behind the statistical driver review – Dec ’13
Tech Spec – In a State of Suspense
– A peek inside the mechanics of F1 suspensions – Sept ’13
The Felix Baumgartn-Egg drop
 – …possibly my favourite thing that I’ve written for sidepodcast 😀 – Aug ’13
Tech Spec – Young by name, not by nature
– A team-by-team summary of the Silverstone summer test – July ’13
Tech Spec – Suspension of Disbelief
 – Absorbing F1’s Forces – July ’13
Tech Spec – Must-have gadgets must have acronyms – An overview of driver tools to aid overtaking – June ’13
iF1 – What if Formula 1 was run by its fans – A look at the tweaks that could make the pinnacle of motorsport even better – June ’13
Tech Spec – The eXhaust-Factor – How the Coandă effect is used in conjunction with exhausts – May ’13
Tech Spec – In their element – Wings and wheel nuts; how they work, and reasons for their current structure – Apr  ’13
Tech Spec – A modest improvement or the vanity of others? – Weighing up the benefits of fast and ugly against slow and beautiful – Mar ’13
Sauber give pit stops a Shake up – The Harlem Shake phenomenon reaches the Barcelona pit lane – Mar ’13
Selecting the best time to launch an F1 car – Is there a relationship between a car’s launch date and its performance? – Feb ’13
Reapplying Redress to Recent Results – Considered conclusions considering the Championship conclusion – Dec ’12
It’s only fair – what if F1 did redress – Should drivers be recompensed for incidents caused by others? – Oct ’12
Tech Spec – Go Go Gadget DDRS – How Lotus have added to their Drag Reduction System – Sept ’12
Tech Spec – McLaren Telemetry Spa-ga – A closer look at the straight lines and squiggles of some unexpected data – Sept ’12
Qualifying – To run or not to run, that is the Q3 – The solution to Formula One’s problems could lie in mathematics – Aug ’12
Listening So That You Don’t Have To – The JA On F1 Podcast – Highlights from a very different kind of Formula 1 show – July ’12

My Author Page (on sidepodcast)
Tech Spec Feature Page


NFL 2013 – A fantastic invite – Get involved with the NFL season without donning the protective gear – Aug ’13
Super Bowl Baby, Yeah! – Previewing the culmination of the NFL season, with the 2013 Super Bowl – Feb ’13
The 2012 Post-Season-Preview – A comprehensive guide to the teams in the fight for the Super Bowl – Jan ’13


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