NFL Play-Off Challenge 2013

NFLlogoAfter we did this last season, I feel I’ll dust off and rejuvenate these words that I wrote last year. And to save sidepodcast posting most of the same words (as most of them still apply), I’ll pop them here this time:

If the excitement of the NFL play offs isn’t enough for you, then there is a treat in store. The Fantasy-Football season has been extended so that you can now create your own mini-team that will run up until the Super Bowl. If, like me, you had a Fantasy team for the regular season, then some extra fancy action is perfect.

It works as most other fantasy games do so; in essence you choose your selection of offensive players and a team’s defence, then points are allocated when those players hit different targets during the games in the playoffs. E.g. a rushing/receiving TD counts for 6 points, throwing a TD pass counts for 4 points, losing a fumble or an interception is worth -2 points, etc. (The full point-scoring system as well as the full Ts-&-Cs are available via the NFL website.)

You need to select: 1× Quarterback, 2× Running Backs, 2× Wide Receivers, 1× Tight End, 1× Kicker, and a Defence. After each week you get the chance to change your team, however if you chose a player and then keep him in your line-up for more weeks, his total receives a multiplier (2×, 3×,…) that increases the longer they stay in the hunt. Each week the teams must be finalised before the first game of that weekend kicks off, but it doesn’t necessarily matter if you miss the Wild Card Weekend. So long as you then choose players from teams with byes, then they are automatically granted a 2× bonus in the Divisional Round.

It’s a toss-up between picking players who’ll score big points but might get knocked out early vs. players that’ll receive large multiplier-bonuses – I’m sure I don’t need to say that, and that’s enough of me giving away tactics. Until the contest begins you’ll not be able to see you friends’ picks, but if you’ve not got a brilliant idea of who might be a good pick there are a set of stats next to each player to give you a helping hand – just in case you’ve not been following the season so far in minute detail.

Once you’ve created a login and chosen your team via the Fantasy Playoff Challenge portion of the NFL website you can join various groups so that you can ‘play’ against your friends or fans of your favourite team (etc); and of course there is a Sidepodcast group – the link should get you to the group, otherwise searching will get you there just as well. At the time of going to press there are only 6 rosters entered, so please join.

Not only will having a selection of players from across the conferences to cheer for make the playoffs even more interesting, but having our own mini-league will keep things nice and competitive. Then come the Super Bowl, we’ll all have our own selection of players and will need different things from each in order to make a challenge for the mini-title, again if the game itself isn’t going to be exiting enough already!!

Like I said it was great fun last season, so make sure you sign up ASAP to get your picks in before the Wild Card Weekend.


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