Sidepodcamp Egg Drop

The details of my entry to the sidepodcamp egg drop competition.

Under wayAs the name suggests, Newey’s Nightmare is a design based on a parachute delivery system that will retard the fall, and therefore not have to worry as much about creating an ideal capsule to cushion a whole plummet. I’m sure you all can work out that an un-decelerated egg-capsule could reach 9.35 m/s at the point it hits the floor.

I first started by building the capsule so that it would be able to support a parachute as well as to hold it nice a open – so we avoid as much of the the free-fall phase while the chute opens. The capsule is a kitchen roll tube that has been partially bent out with kebab skewers for stabilisation (and the mounting of the cords). There is a small amount of lightly crumpled newspaper the the bottom of the egg-area to cushion the last on the impact with the ground.

Ready to go

The parachute is made from the bottom part of a plastic bag, with the string cords attached using pieces of cardboard and sellotape to strength the joins. I would have loved to have had more string, but then I’ve only got myself to blame, as I did write the rules on this one.

On the rooftops

Shout it out

The first egg chosen from the group of intrepid volunteers for the first mission was this lucky fellow, being lowered into his capsule:

"O" is the right word for it

Launch is iminent



On landing the craft flipped over slightly, not the most ideal, but would’ve dissipated some of the energy; the ground team rushed in to check on the crew…

The ground team rush in...

Did he make it?

Did he make it?

Yes he did!

Yes he did!

PS – Thanks to Mrs^ for her camera-work 🙂


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