2013 NFL-Podcast Draft


As its Mock Drafting season and the fashion seems for everyone for produce a Draft-Board of their own, I feel that I’d do similar but also do something different: I’d draw up my top-10 Draft-Board for the NFL podcasts I listen to.

1. With the first pick in my 2013 Podcast Draft, I select: the Dave Dameshek Football Program.
A Football podcast with charm and wit, the Shek Republic is the best place on the internet for getting your NFL news and opinion, with a side of breakfast meats. The man seated to his immediate right is Adam Rank, his trusty sidekick (although I’m sure he’d hate being referred to as such), and together with an ensemble cast of other NFL.com hangers-on (Handsome Hank, the ATL boys [Hanzus & Sessler], et al) and the regular array of all-star guests make for a great show every time out. (That is despite the best efforts of Black Tie to keep everything to a tight-45 and cut the pod short.) The best weeks are when you get more new episodes than Dieter Brock had seasons for the LA Rams. This will always be the first thing I’ll listen to if it’s available and so is my first choice to come off the board.

2. With the second pick in my 2013 Podcast Draft, I pick: Tuesday Morning Football.
This UK-based podcast does this side of the Atlantic proud, especially as it’s the most independent of the choices in the top-10. These lads don’t let either fact get in their way – a podcast for fans of the game made by 2 die-hard fans makes for a very informative listen. Clear 2nd-overal pick.
Will Gavin / James Dixon / Olly Hunter

3. With the third pick in my 2013 Podcast Draft, I choose: the Rich Eisen Podcast.
As the big-time face of Thursday Night Football, Rich Eisen has a big-time show to match. Blending the informative and detailed discussion of the games, with guests (footballing & non-footballing), chat, banter and general good times (with maybe the odd rant thrown in for good measure). Props go to the Chris Brockman & Chris Law who help to make this a solid prospect for anyone wanting a great way to enter the sport as well as for those who are already hooked – this pod suits all levels of fan as it is not elitist, because as we know Punters are people too.

4. BoltTalk
If you’re a Chargers fan this is the podcast to fill your needs. Two great, knowledgeable hosts conduct a ~weekly discussion via Skype from opposite coast of the states. Nothing is left out/overlooked and with a good community spirit behind it, is a solid 5th pick. Don’t expect this to fall far.
Ray Chan / Loren Casuto

5. Inside The Huddle
NFL-UK’s official offering: A pretty good way to receive your NFL news – especially if you’re from the UK and watch the games via Sky Sports or MNF on the BBC. By the end of each ep Neil Reynolds & Darren Fletcher will have talked you through the weekend’s action or previewed the next week’s – 2 episodes per week is a big positive.

6. Draft Tracker Podcast
Investment here means that when the NFL-Draft rolls round you’ll find that you’ve just spent the past year learning about all the prospects that everyone is now clamouring to know more about. Hosted by 2 of the best voices in the business (Matt-Money-Smith & Bucky Brooks); this is a joy to listen to.

7. Double Coverage (formally Cover Two)
If you want to listen to 2 well informed guys at the sharp end of reporting the game picking over the hot topics (and some not so hot) then this is the prospect to choose. Expect discussions and disagreements. A good value pick that will get better if it starts falling.
Steve Wyche / Mark Kriegel

8. The Coaches Show
For the best dissection of every game from the weekend Coach Brian Billick is the man to turn to. Great perspective during the season, just a shame we can’t keep him on microphone the whole year round. That’s probably the reason this pod has fallen to 8.

9. M&M (formally No Huddle)
Marshall (Faulk) & Michael (Irvin) give you their take on the week through the eyes of 2 (recently) ex-players. A very personal take is a good listen, but the audio quality means they are one of the more underrated prospects in this class.

10. NFL Fantasy Live Podcast
I’ve until this point not been much of a Fantasy fan, so this is not up my street yet. But as I’m goign to be setting up a league (/joining one) for the coming season this Draft-stock could well be rising.

This would be my top-10, assuming I’ve done a good enough job of scouting what’s on offer. If I’m missing a sure-fire First-Rounder, feel free to let me know where to tune into.

Wait a minute, this isn’t a real Draft, you’re not limited to choosing only 1 prospect, so make time to listen to them all!

Big Ben3


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