Dr Pepper Cake

My second cake in the Great British Grand Prix Bake-Off (#F1BakeOff), is the Pastor Maldonado Cake – what’s the worst that can happen?

I’ve had the idea of doing this for a while, but never the opportunity to do something quite so off-piste. Mainly because I made the recipe up / adapted one for a more-regular cake – so this was really one large experiment. Again this is another cake built for travelling, so no experimenting with shapes/sizes this time.

  • Step 1: Make yourself Dr Pepper syrup. On hearing how I went about creating the Dr Pepper flavour for this, some people thought that putting fizzy drinks in a pan and boiling it was madness. (Well, unless you’re Heston, it probably is.) But that was my way to turn a glass of the stuff into something that could possibly go into a cake-mix while still allowing it to bake, and hopefully not making the hole thing too moist. After about 20 minutes of reducing you’re left with a sticky syrup.

Dr Pepper Syrup in the making

  • Step 2: Make yourself a standard cake mix. I based mine on a coffee cake recipe, replacing the coffee with the syrup. It took on a beautiful pink hue, which I hope will become the true Dr-P deep burgundy that you get in the glass.

In. The. Mix.

  • Step 3: Try to bake as you would for the usual recipe, and then keep baking until the thing cooks!! It gets there in the end, and develops a rich, dense texture. It took me ~2 hours rather than 30 mintues.
  • Step 4: Make yourself some more syrup, and use it to make some Dr-P butter-cream. I decided that I’d spice things up by adding a shot of Amaretto and 1/2 a shot of Cherry Brandy – those (taste like they) are common to 2 of the key flavours that make up that complex flavour. Fill and top the cake.
  • Step 5: Enjoy 🙂 with a good glass of Dr Pepper for comparison. 😛


  • Verdict: Interesting texture – something closer to a brownie (the firm kind, not a sloppy ones). The flavour is pretty spot on – not as strong as a glass, but perfect for a cake. The colour and the frosted topping reminds me of a glass itself, so that works again. 🙂Dr Pepper Cake

Despite the cake trying to go wrong, causing all sort of carnage, and threatening to waste my time effort and ingredients, this time I didn’t have to #BlamePastor.


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