(Very) Homemade Apple Crumble

So it’s reached the time of year where the apples have ripened and a pressing question has to be answered: what should I do with them? It’s not a big crop, so one dish will do it. As I’ve made apple pie (vaguely) recently, I felt it was the turn of the old favourite – a good crumble.

  • Step 1: Have your best friend buy you an apple tree for your birthday, and care for it so that it produces you a nice quantity of juicey fruit.

  • Step 2: ‘Harvest’ your crop (1.5kg for a first year is a modest amount I think) 🙂 and arrange into a pleasing shape 😉 Ohh, also gather the other ingredients together.

  • Step 3: Rub the butter, sugars & flour together to form breadcrumbs (although the texture is more like wet sand).

  • Step 4: Peel, core & chop the apples into ~inch-cubes, using some lemon juice to stop them browning too quickly. Keep the peelings – they’ll come in use later.

  • Step 5: Stew the apples in ‘enough’ water, with a little sugar. (Yes, I know my pan is a little too small, but it’s the biggest I have.)

  • Step 6: Once the apples have softened slightly (~5mins), scoop them out and place them in your dish, replace them with the peelings and turn the heat up. The goal is to extract all the flavour while reducing the cooking liqueur to a sticky syrup.

  • Step 7: Sprinkle a good quantity of raisins over the layer of apples, then dust on some cinnamon. Once the syrup has reduced to an appropriate volume it is ready to be poured on top. (5 more minutes and I would’ve been playing with an appley-caramel) 🙂

  • Step 8: Cover with the crumble topping, and ‘rake’ with fork – it’s now ready for the oven.

  • Step 9: Cook until the topping starts to turn a golden colour and the syrup is bubbling underneath (it took ~40mins today).

  • Step 10: Serve yourself a deep slice, and enjoy with some thick custard, which I don’t have to hand at the moment.

  • Step 11: Verdict – that slice was far too big for one go – even for lunch – I’ve been in a sugar-coma for hours – half would’ve been perfect. My topping turns into a dense shortcakey layer, and the apples were delightfully soft and sweet. Could’ve done with more cinnamon & raisins – I did think I might not’ve used enough, but didn’t want to make the thing completely inedible.
  • Note: As Mrs^ isn’t fond of fruit in deserts, I’ll divide it up, but put it in the freezer in the dish, then when it’s frozen, separate the pieces = ready-made desserts for a week!!
  • Update: A defrosted piece, then warmed in the microwave for 1 minute on full-power is perfect – it’s sweetness has mellowed and some of the more subtle flavours have come out.

3 thoughts on “(Very) Homemade Apple Crumble

  1. Ohhhh that looks amazing! We grow apples and blackberries at home so we are usually seen making blackberry and apple crumbles, but i will have to try cinnamon and raisins next time!! 🙂

    • I had a crop of strawberries but unfortunately they perished after a very dry day in the sun. This one tastes just a little bit Christmasy, so is perfect for autumnal evenings 🙂 I do love the sound of yours – I might try that at some point.

      • ohhh crumble is the ultimate cold evening desert for me.. so looking forward to trying this!!

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