Past Culinary Adventures II – Double-Rainbow Cake

Possible my favourite thing that I’ve baked (so it deserves it’s own post) has to be when I made a Double-Rainbow Cake – encased in white butter-cream icing, so that the surprise is hidden before the big reveal!

  • Step 1: Make yourself a standard cake-mix, divide it into 6 different bowls and add the colours. (My orange wasn’t orangey enough.)

  • Step 2: Pour the bowls into your pre-prepared tins – making sure you get the order correct.

  • Step 3: Bake according to the standard recipe. Mine took a little longer, so maybe leave it in longer and keep checking with a skewer.

  • Step 4: Fill and cover the cake with white buttercream to complete the illusion.

  • Step 5: Get somebody else to make the first cut.

  • Step 7: Cut enough slices to a) reveal the wonder, & b) enjoy.


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